Note from the Editor


Tell all the truth but tell it slant — Emily Dickinson

Putting the final touches on this newest issue of Everyone Quarterly this morning, I was amused to realize just how many of the poems, videos, art, fiction, &etc are things that look like things but aren’t quite the things.

Check out Joseph Grantham’s commercials that are commercials made from commercials that advertise…I don’t know…despair? Or the Fake New Yorker comics by Carrie Rennolds that, yes, read like their namesake in their wiseacre smarts, but are more funny, more ridiculous, and more smart. Oh, and Sommer Browning’s poems, poems that are plays on plays.

The theme for this issue of Everyone Quarterly is Amusement. Not all of the works here are funny, per se, but they are all amusing. Perhaps amusingly elegiac, like Gregory Luce’s poem for Kurt Cobain, “With the Lights Out,” or amusingly burgeoning like the paintings of Peiwen Wu.

What’s amusing, we all know, is in the mouth of the sayer, ear of the hearer. And we’re sure you’ll find all the work herein as amusing as wee.

Thanks for coming by. Enjoy!

—Joseph Young

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