We invite you to join our mission to support art, creativity, nature, and humanity. Together we can make a difference. 

Until March 31, we are raising money for the James Beard Foundation’s Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous chefs.

Read our post about why.

There are various ways to extend support: 

  • Share your artful creations by contributing your work
  • Support an artist/writer who is showcasing their work at TAoE by donating any amount via the tip section under the post (see image). You can choose to send your donation fully or in part to the charity or the creator
  • Participate in any of the workshops we’ll be offering throughout the year for creative writing, creative cuisine, arts 
  • Or your can simply send us a message with your encouragements so we feel even more empowered to continue our work 

Food Bank Support

Do you have a food bank in your community with a mission that you believe in, a place you’re already actively supporting? If so, we would love to contribute as well. This is an informal thing, so simply drop us a line in the contact form below and we’ll follow up with you on how we can participate in your community’s worthwhile initiative. Thanks.