Interested in showcasing your art / writing / music / etc. here? Thank you! We have a couple areas where we’re looking for submissions.

Everyone Quarterly

This is our “formal” literary magazine that comes out, well, quarterly, and focuses on a theme.

Currently, for the next issue, we are considering submissions on the theme of amusement

Are we amused? We are!  Or, perhaps, we should say, we’d like to be. We want to read, hear, look at what amuses you. How you amuse the people in your world. We are looking for the funny, or what for you passes the while. A funny poem, a deep stare at your favorite restaurant, how you and your family spend a winter day or a year in the life.

We intend this theme to be loosely defined to give you room for meditation on the subject.

Send visual or audio artwork, any kind of writing, recipes, thoughts on music or art …

Deadline: April 1, 2021 (No Foolin’)

Payment for accepted work (How much? Burger and beer/coffee money).

Our Daily Posts

We also publish content two or three times a week on the main part of our site. There’s no theme for these submissions; we’re open to anything!

No Deadline

Please check out the FAQs below, and feel free to use the contact form to start a conversation about what you do and who you are and how we can all collaborate.

And don’t forget to read our mission statement on the About page.


What is this website?

We publish writing, visual art, culinary arts, music, functional art, and everything else that is genuine about making the world better for our planet and its inhabitants.

Is there a fee to submit?


What kind of submissions do you accept?

Everything that can be shared in the spirit of TAoE’s mission. If possible, when submitting, please include a few sentences describing your art.

Does The Art of Everyone accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes, just be sure to withdraw your piece if it’s accepted elsewhere. We also accept previously published work.

Does The Art of Everyone accept previously published work?

Yes, we love previously published work! It’s a big, big world. Just be sure that the original publisher is okay with it.

Does The Art of Everyone pay its contributors?

Right now we are doing an experiment where we have a “tip jar” on each post, and we are asking our readers to drop in a tip—$1, $10, or any other amount—and the money will be sent directly, 100%, to that writer or a charity that supports the cause announced each quarter. We will also be matching those donations to some degree.

What charity?

We announce the charity on our About page every month.

Where do I submit?

On our Submittable page, hosted by Publishing Genius, here.

Questions? Use the contact form here to drop us a line.

Contact Form