Poems by Gregory Luce


I observe the phenomenal world as fully and carefully as I can, stay open to sensory experiences, and relate these to readers in a way that will cause them to see the world anew.

These two poems represent two facets of my writing. “And we ran” depicts the simple joy of experiencing nature, weather in particular, which is one of my recurrent themes. “With the Lights Out” combines my love for music with the more ominous feelings evoked by Trump’s mass rallies. Politics as spectacle.

My ultimate goal as a poet is to communicate to readers things that can only be said in poetry and to bring them the pleasure that that only reading poetry can impart.

With The Lights Out

(for Kurt Cobain)

With the lights out it’s less dangerous

Bodies writhe, serpentine,

packed in the dark, taut with

anticipation. Dust, fevered

whispers, redolence of sweat and

something animal hanging in the air.

Feet scuff and shuffle,

limbs quiver: flight or fight?

Hello hello hello hello

Heat envelops all, breath comes

thick and patience short.

I feel stupid and contagious

Fingers tighten into fists.

Here we are now entertain us.

And we ran

crazily like children

in the first downpour

after long drought

each damp breath

an exaltation

droplets flung like silver

from our hair our feet crashing

splayed into grass then lifting

off the small depressions

filling and blades springing

up again

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