Apr 15, 2021 | Writing

Fallen Leaves




So these leaves, they keep reappearing in my work. They first started showing up way back in 1999 and periodically take precedence over other themes. I doubt the series will ever be finished. After all this time I am still irresistibly attracted to fallen leaves; amazed by their shapes, and seduced by their colours. I like to hold them in my hand; such light, delicate things. Balanced precariously on the brink of dissolution they provide one final burst of colour before they fade away to grey.

And as in life, time is short. It is only a matter of hours before the extraordinarily vibrant colours vanish. Hence the importance of sketchbooks. It is crucial to get these fleeting colours down on paper as soon as possible, to create a record of what once was. These sketches provide an important reference, and a never ending source of inspiration.

Jenny Gilbertson Painting
I hold fragility in my hands
a certain lightness of being
vulnerable as a feather
as old parchment

tracing edges with my eyes
my fingers
create an echo
forms outlined
caressed with subtle colour

soft pastel shades of pink
and yellow
and maroon
a flash of blood red
across dark rust

deep grey blue
green into grey
fading always
always fading
to grey

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