Faith by Andreea Monica Chitu-Fordyce


Animals have always been a source of inspiration for me in many ways—inspiring faith in myself, in what tomorrow will bring, in humanity—but I was reluctant to use them as subjects in my wood burning art. I never thought I could capture the light in their eyes, their details, their beauty in the same way I could trace the contour of a building in my earlier work to reveal its soul.

Photographing animals in their natural habitats was a first step towards the connection I needed. I am sharing some of the best moments I could memorialize when faced with an animal encounter.

More recently I was inspired by Jack Visser’s animal pyrography, whose art looks so real I’ve often mistaken it with photographs.

I know my love of both domestic animals and wildlife is enough to guide my next steps in my wood burning art and I feel encouraged by the results and the enthusiasm of my customers.

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