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Augury by Dylan Kinnett

Augury by Dylan Kinnett

Augury began as a short story, written during stolen moments while waiting for the commuter light rail underneath Penn Station, Baltimore. I would like to thank Curt Seiss for the sound design. Dylan Kinnett is a writer, spoken word performance artist, and the...

About Dylan
Dylan Kinnett is a writer, spoken word performance artist, and the founding editor of Infinity's Kitchen. His work blends literary traditions with new media, hypertext, and theater. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Welcome to The Art of Everyone

In writing my book Everything Else, I realised everybody has their own “everything else”—the thoughts and stories, the experiences, the skills, the imagination, the dreams.

Left unexplored or unshared, they can leave a void, depriving our spirit of something beautiful and nourishing. Having learned that, I created the space here to manifest my own "everything else," and to help others share theirs.

The path here is lined with flowers, the walls are endless, the shelves inviting, the table is set, and there is room for adventure. Bring your own creations or just open your soul for a retreat. This is a space to breathe. Leave the conventional world behind and enjoy.

Thank you for being here.