Sweet Memories

By Florina Falce

What I remember most vividly about my childhood best friend’s house were her mom’s baked goodies and sweet smile that were always in abundance every time I visited. I was indeed a bit jealous as I imagined my friend’s everyday life coated in sugar. If the house I painted has the flavour of the Hansel and Gretel’s tale is because it felt that way – but without the villains. Or maybe there was only one villain and it was mine. The bike. Did I really ever have to go back home?

Pointillism came naturally for this painting as if to say: take your time, savour the distant smell of freshly baked sweets – chocolate cookies, butter cookies, sugar cookies, fortune cookies, walls full of cookies – and let the small dots reaching the paper giggle like two childhood friends in a house made of cookies. I wonder how my friend feels about it. I’ll ask her.

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