Publisher’s Note


Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the first issue of Everyone Quarterly.

These first few quarterly issues will focus on the life of our planet, with the themes we’ve chosen to explore to include animals, trees, plants, and humanity.

We know you are not here by chance. Rather that you, like us, feel the need to make a difference in some essential way to the life of our planet, to nature and the environment, because we share the idea that our planet has been gifted to us, to care for, celebrate, and nurture.

Animals are at the center of our attention for this first quarterly issue.

We can’t wait to explore with you how our human creativity works—by way of the artful creations of friends and colleagues—to acknowledge, support, and celebrate our friends in the animal kingdom.

You can show your support to the artists who have generously allowed us to showcase their work by making financial contributions to them via our easy to use donation button. We’re also offering the opportunity to extend your giving this quarter to the World Wildlife Fund, whose mission is “to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth,” a goal that resonates deeply with us.

As part of our mission to extol the pleasures of shared creativity, we’ll also be offering an opportunity to enroll in a creative writing workshop led by poet, writer, and publisher Amy Robinson.

Thank you for your participation, Everyone. We’re glad you’re here.


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