“Prettiest Girl”


“Ghost World, Captured” (2022) Giclee Print, 8 x 8. Photo by Olive and West Photography.
“Other Side | Opaque” (2021), Plastic Party Streamers, Wood, 10 x 12
“First Love Early Spring” 2022
“y/n” (2022), Plastic Party Streamers, Yarn, Wood, 38 x 42 x 1
“Dysmorphia 2” (2021), Plastic Party Streamers, 9 x 3 x 3
“i get carried away” (2022), Beads, Felt, Thread, SIZE?

A Statement from the Artist:

My work originates from the space between consciousness and dreams. Ideas begin to solidify for each piece as my thoughts dissolve into sleep. The feelings of joy, fear, loneliness, and wonder transform into forms and light. I take these images and translate them into a visual language with traditional techniques and contemporary materials.

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