DISCO Read-a-Thon

Join Studio Friend + The Art of Everyone
in supporting an amazing cause.

DISCO works to elevate students’ voices through engaging writing programs in Birmingham, Alabama.

We are sponsoring the 1pm Central hour of the 2020 DISCO Epic Read-A-Thon.

Wow, big news! Till we meet our goal, The Art of Everyone is matching all donations. Even small donations will go far to support DISCO!

(It’s easy!)

(Registration is required)

Meet the Sponsors

At Studio Friend, Amy (McDaniel) Robinson offers writing workshops, imaginative prompts, and creativity coaching, guided by the radical belief that the creative instinct is in all people and can be cultivated through energy, care, and practice.

The Art of Everyone is a new publication founded by Florina Falce to share essential creative work—our own, our friends’, and everyone’s—as a means to promote compassion and finding the things that really matter in life.
And that’s why this cause is so perfect for us! Our hearts and spirits are lifted by the kind of community-building (and world-changing) work that DISCO does in nurturing the creativity of young writers in Birmingham.

We are so excited to participate in the 2020 Epic Read-A-Thon and lend our voices and donations to this incredible organization. Please consider contributing alongside us!

More About DISCO

DISCO, or Desert Island Supply Co. is a creative writing and arts center in Birmingham, AL. Their mission is to work alongside students as they develop the creative tools they need to explore and document their worlds. View information about their programs here.

The Entire Epic Read-A-Thon

Studio Friend and The Art of Everyone are only hosting an hour of the larger program that DISCO has put together. The whole event is twelve hours long! Check out the entire Epic Read-A-Thon schedule to see who’s reading, and what, and when.

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Welcome to The Art of Everyone

In writing my book Everything Else, I realised everybody has their own “everything else”—the thoughts and stories, the experiences, the skills, the imagination, the dreams.

Left unexplored or unshared, they can leave a void, depriving our spirit of something beautiful and nourishing. Having learned that, I created the space here to manifest my own "everything else," and to help others share theirs.

The path here is lined with flowers, the walls are endless, the shelves inviting, the table is set, and there is room for adventure. Bring your own creations or just open your soul for a retreat. This is a space to breathe. Leave the conventional world behind and enjoy.

Thank you for being here.