Beatrix’s Song

by Ludmila Girardi and Guillaume Mathias

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The art of giving birth to the first child


We travel in time, constantly, from the twilight of always, in music, in love, everything is only perception, palpitation.

We have access to a myriad of information from the palm of our hand, but nothing really prepares us for the birth and life of a newborn.

The romanticisation of giving birth exceeds any preparation for the difficulties new parents face. You hear so much that you will be sleep deprived but that is just one of the challenges. Every baby is unique and they all struggle to adapt and grow up out of the womb.

Even though there are hard bits about debuting in parenthood, which leave us constantly worried, the overwhelming feeling of creating and helping a new life to unfold is beyond any other emotion. We’re living now the greatest and sweetest challenge of our lives. Watching our Beatrix open her big eyes to the infinitely large world was more than our hearts expected, our little but immense family allows us to feel love in many, many ways.

When we decided to compose this simple song for our “Little B” (as we called the baby before discovering her gender), we didn’t know what receiving a newborn into our lives would entail. Nonetheless, with an innocent dream in mind, the dream of our life with our Beatrix, we recorded this song.

It is a tribute that led us devour in tears of redemption to infinite love… a weightlessness song of a peaceful and sleeping child still inside the mysterious and soundful womb of her mother, who is singing alongside her daddy sweet and welcoming words.


The composition of a simple song


The song begins like a soft lullaby in B Major played by a guitar and a vibraphone in sextolets, which brings fluidity and a soft coumpound time swing while the melody enters in simple time.

There are only four harmonies in the song, a tonic and mediant in B Major bring a feeling of peace and suspension, then a submediant and a tonic in the relative minor key, G sharp minor like a window opening on a warm and tender landscape.

Little by little, through a slightly distorted lead guitar, then by bringing new etheral sounds, the song destructures itself towards the diffuse atmosphere of the maternal cocoon, and finishes at the start of everything, the heartbeat of our little B, our Beatrix.

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