Nadia Ramanantsoa

The Art of Nadia
Oceanic Art

Oceanic Art

I love the patterns of oceanic art. This one is inspired from a Metropolitan Museum artwork.

About Nadia

Nadia has been practicing visual arts for many years as an expression of her aliveness and energy nourished by her deep understanding of our shared humanity, by her exposure to various cultures and her interaction with many forms of art and artists from New York to Hong Kong, Tokyo to Paris, Antananarivo to London.

Her portfolio includes paintings of nature, objects, collages, drawings. She considers art to be the motor for the manifestation of the infinite potential of the human spirit that overcomes cultural barriers and physical borders or limitations.

Her dream is to work towards promoting her art in a way that would allow her to continue philanthropic traditions in areas of the world that have less access to the benefits of art. Thus she brings her art making skills @theartofeveryone as she is keen to be part of a project that values the beauty of nature and humanity and believes that shared contributions can make a difference.

Breaking the Ice

3 readings to always come back to:

  • Zen and the Japanese culture by Daisetz Suzuki—for revealing the power of Zen to infuse beauty and peace in the Japanese culture
  • Des Cannibales et des Coches by Michel de Montaigne for its humanist approach to embracing the most foreign cultures without preconceptions
  • The story of Art by E.H. Gombrich for its unmatched ability to tell the story of art in a way that is both historically accurate and artistically sensitive.

Favourite Food to trade a kingdom for:

Everything chocolate!