2 Poems by Sarah Jean Alexander


These 2 poems reflect the simplicity of existing inside of a home, with very little outward pressure; domestically caged in, relearning to make do.

with these hands


briefly considered buying a grapefruit

cutting it open

scrubbing the bathtub

with juice and sea salt

reflexively selected

industrial cleaner

on sale


we come home

drop our keys in the bowl

hang the hats

pet cat and inhale

refill ice cube trays

and shake the heavy cream

fridge leaks but

it’s alright

funny thing

doors and walls

inside doors and walls

like we’re trying to hide

in my opinion

we’re always naked anyway!

tenderly slapping ass

into eternity

red wine


am I worthy of love?

am I worthy of love?

am I worthy of love?

I’m just trying to get

some damn dinner

on the table!

sorry — OK some kind of peace

just overcame me

I’m feeling calmer now

here — I made these meatballs

beef, half a can of spam

tender fat, very delicate


Sarah Jean Alexander currently lives in Brooklyn.

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