Meet the Roxbury Arts Group


There is a must-visit place in New York State, in the heart of the beautiful Catskills—the Roxbury Arts Center in Roxbury, NY. 

In spite of the difficulties brought by the pandemic, the center has remained committed to the arts and community projects, and it offers an inspiring perspective to life: their mission is “making the arts an integral part of the life of all segments of the Catskills communities by offering public performances, exhibitions, workshops, classes, presentations and demonstrations for both adults and children.”

Here’s a current list of all their programs. You can learn more about Roxbury Arts group here.

The current exhibition includes a temporary display of textile sculptures by Toni Brogan called “Chromatic Family.”

There’s also a just-finished pavement painting, designed and led by artist Destiny Palmer and executed with contributions from community members. See the artist at work on her vibrant sidewalk here: 

One can appreciate the contrast between the vibrancy of colours displayed by both artists, and the heartbreaking stories that inspired them. Toni Brogan’s art relates the story of a devastating loss of a family member and the impact that had on family dynamics. Destiny’s new body of work is exploring the artist’s personal ancestry from slavery to freedom. 

Find out more about Destiny Palmer here:
And about Toni Brogan here:

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