Florina Falce

The Art of Florina
Art by Jane Bristowe

Art by Jane Bristowe

We have chosen four of artist Jane Bristowe's artworks which associate Amusement with Rhythm. Known for her animal linocuts, here she brings music and dance with her Matisse-inspired "Dancers" linocut and her "'Tree of Music" screen print and shares the...



This week we launched our second issue of Everyone Quarterly, on the theme of Architecture. This post coincides nicely with that. Fascinating ceilings from the New York State Capitol, Grace Church in NYC, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Britain, Westfield Mall in...

About Florina

Florina Falce published her first book of poetry and reflections, Everything Else, in 2019. While she pursues her career in finance and enjoys the beauty of different cultures in different countries she has significant ties with, she remains committed to promoting life affirming and enriching values that find expression in various forms of art and through many inspiring souls @TheArtofEveryone.

Her dream is to contribute to the unity of the human bunch through various forms of artistic expression that reveal and promote beauty in harmony with, and inspired by, nature.

Breaking the Ice

Three readings to always come back to:

  • Molière - for a timeless depiction of human society,
  • Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes - for a dose of compassion,
  • The Overstory by Richard Powers - for a reminder of the unfolding environmental drama.
  • One more for good measure: Middle England by Jonathan Coe.

Favourite food to trade a kingdom for:

Sarmale (a traditional Romanian dish made with pork mince and pickled cabbage and served with polenta and cream).

Find Florina's books, Dear Elephant and Everything Else, on Amazon.