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Aaaaand Scene

Aaaaand Scene

This short play was performed at Load of Fun in Baltimore, MD in April 2009. Roger was performed by Joseph Young, Gretchen by Stephanie Barber, and Joe Cashiola was the Server.

Introducing “The Comedown” by Justin Marks

Introducing “The Comedown” by Justin Marks

Justin Marks’s new book is a “taut exploration into the toxic matrix of masculinity, capitalism, illness, the doldrums of perceived mediocrity, and the travails of the restless, seeking mind.”

About Adam
Adam Robinson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where he works in publishing and, too infrequently, in his back yard, trying to connect with other people by connecting to nature. He is the author of two books of poetry: Adam Robison and Other Poems and Say Poem.

Breaking the Ice

3 readings to always come back to:

  • Valparaiso, Round the Horn by Madeline ffitch
  • Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me by Mark Leidner
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Favourite Food to trade a kingdom for:

Cucumber finger sandwiches at Claridges with Amy

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